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Industrial Petrol - BAR5027G-HEJM Pro Jetter

Make short work of blocked drains with the BARJetter.

In drain cleaning mode, the BARJetter is ideal for clearing tree roots from drains from 40mm to 225mm. In high pressure cleaning mode, use the BARJetter for graffiti removal, brick cleaning, roof restoration, driveway clearing and any OH&S cleaning task.

Supplied standard with:

  • 27 Class Honda Australia Engine with 3 Year Warranty and "Key" electric start
  • Comet Italian Premium Pump and & PA Gearbox
  • Unloader and Safety Relief Valve
  • Inline stainless water filter
  • Large Stainless Water tank with low water cut-out (38 Litres)
  • Stainless fuel tank (25 Litre capacity)
  • Compact Roll frame with vibration absorbing pneumatic tyres
  • Easily removed wheels and axles for truck/van mounting
  • Battery Isolator valve to prevent flat battery
  • Pressure gauge
  • "Rapid Reel" High Pressure Hose reel complete with 60m of 3/8" Barflex USA Drain Cleaning Hose. Now standard with multiple reel positioning feature.
  • Cleans All Drain Sizes up to 225mm (9")
  • Quick Release Hose-to-Nozzle Connections
  • Mustang 7 Piece Nozzle Box, including Root Cutter
  • Pressure Cleaner package including Gun, Lance & Nozzle Kit

Drain Cleaners – BARJetter Dimensions and Accessories

  • Frame with Wheels - L860 x W800 x H690
  • Frame with Handle/No reels - L860 x W550 x H990
  • Frame with Hose Reel - L860 x W800 x H1260
  • Weight - 180kg

  120 BAR5027GHEJMJetter
Performance 5000Psi @ 21l/min.
Engine from Honda Australia 27 Class Honda
Water Tank (Stainless) 38 Litre Water Tank
Fuel Tank (Stainless) 25 Litre Fuel Tank
Top Reel - 60m 3/8" Hose  
Mustang 7 Piece Nozzle Box ¹  
Mini Reel - 60m 3/16" Hose  
Warthog Nozzle WT 1/4 ¹  

The BARJetter Accessories

  • Remote Mini Reel with 60m of 3/16" Drain Cleaning
  • Hose, ball valve & pressure gauge. Run machine hose to the pit, then use the mini reel from there.
  • Drain Snake - 10m of 1/8" whip hose with penetrating nozzle for cleaning drains up to 65mm and toilet pans
  • Mustang 7 Piece
BAR Jetter Accessories