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Croplands Quantum Mist Tower

Growers of high-value tree crops such as pip and stonefruit or avocados have moved to more intensive plantings to maximise their returns and improve harvesting efficiency.
Often this has meant the conventional air-blast sprayer doesn’t suit the orchard design.
The tree shape in these situations lends itself perfectly to the Quantum Mist Tower sprayer – built specifically for these intensive plantings.
With three Quantum Mist heads per side, the tower sprayer provides much more precise application to each sector of the tree, with a total of 24 nozzles per tree canopy side compared to a conventional sprayer with around 10 nozzles per side.

Better coverage with faster travel speeds makes total economic sense and is exactly what growers are discovering with the Quantum Mist Tower sprayer.

Another real benefit of the individual fan set up on the Quantum Tower sprayer is the ability to isolate the liquid flow from individual fans (each fan has a separate manual shut-off tap). This means that the Tower sprayer can be used to spray varying tree sizes as trees are developing on different blocks in the orchard. This can also be achieved with an in-cab switch box. During chemical thinning in crops such as apples, flowering often occurs at different stages in the canopy. Individual fans mean that areas of the tree can be targeted separately during this critical spray application period.



All models have a full length hot-dipped galvanised chassis.

QM tower slimline

The chassis is designed for moderate flex combined with high strength to allow for incremental movement under load.  
The HS (slimline) model has an adjustable axle whilst the standard XL model has a fixed axle matched to the tank size.


UV-stabilised, high impact-resistance with external sight gauge and large easy access filling lid.
»» HS version – 2000 litre main tank, optional 80 litre flush tank, 15 litre handwash tank, with suction probe and chemical pre-mixer standard
»» XL version – 2000, 3000 or 4000 litre main tank, with 130/90/80 litre flush tank, 15 litre hand wash tank, with suction probe and chemical pre-mixer standard
»» The tank shape of the HS Slimline model is shaped to allow for narrow rows in intensive plantings – 1.4 metres wide from outside to outside of the wheels with the tank itself 1.3 metres at its widest point 


Six individual 500mm Quantum Mist fans for complete canopy coverage, effective for all spray applications. Comes with eight individual nozzles per fan, and up to 16 nozzles can be fitted on each fan as an option using double nozzle assemblies. Each fan can be individually adjusted, to maximise the coverage
across different canopy types and stages. Leaf guards are fitted to the two bottom fans.


Annovi Reveberi 4-diaphragm positive displacement pump with an open-flow of 180 L/min, running at between 5 and 12 bar pressure in normal operating conditions. An optional brass head/manifold 200 L/min AR pump can be fitted where higher flows and pressures are required.


Filtration is provided by a tank filling strainer, large suction filter and a pressure line filter or nozzle filters (main pressure filter is standard with electric controls and auto-rate controls).  Tank agitation is provided by twin venturi agitators in the tank backed up with bypass from the pump.


Separate flush tank fitted as standard (size dependant on main tank size selected).


Included in the chassis design is a self-steering drawbar system to allow for tighter turns and to ensure the sprayer tracks very closely to where the rear tractor wheels turn.



A tandem simplicity-style axle option is available on all XL models. On the 3000 and 4000 litre model, a tandem steering axle is available – all tandem axles have mudflaps fitted.


90 litre oil tank mounted on sprayer with self-steering drawbar linked to sprayer.


Several models of electric or auto-rate controls are available for the Quantum Mist Tower sprayer – the most commonly fitted is the HV4000 auto-rate controller with up to two shut-offs per side. The HV4000 provides automatic spray rate application with a back-lit contrast screen showing up to four functions
at one time. For more information on the HV4000 and other controllers, see page 19.


With the HV4000 controller fitted, an integrated in-cab fan speed control can be used from the console to adjust the air output for differing canopy growth stages. Ideal for early season applications, in sensitive areas, and for increasing maximum output when required.


Optional upgrade to 400 x 15.5 flotation tyres in lieu of standard type on the single-axle.