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AIS Commercial Salt Water Chlorinators

AutoChlor® is a well-recognised, global brand of inline chlorine generators designed for salt-water, coastline and seawater pools with salinity levels between 4,000 - 35,000ppm

Output Range From: 100 - 5000 G/HR

Salt-Water Swimming Pool

  • Salinity Range: 4,000 – 6,000 PPM.
  • A salt-water pool is maintained by adding pool salt.


Coastline Swimming Pool

  • Salinity Range: 4,000 - 35,000 PPM.
  • A coastline swimming pool uses a combination of mains water and seawater. Seawater is used to maintain salinity level.


Seawater Swimming Pool

  • Salinity Range: 15,000 - 35,000 PPM.
  • A seawater swimming pool uses water directly from natural water resources such as seas, bays and oceans, which is already high in salinity.

In 1995 AIS launched its first commercial salt-water chlorine generator. The market enthusiastically embraced AutoChlor’s® quality, design and outstanding performance.

Today, award winning AutoChlor® remains the chlorine generator of choice and is disinfecting thousands of swimming pools in resorts, hotels, public swimming pools, aquatic centres, swim schools, lagoons, water parks and schools in more than 55 countries worldwide.