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Treatment Systems

HD Pumps supply & install water treatment systems for the following applications:

  • Pool water treatment
  • Drinking water treatment
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Heating & Cooling water treatment
  • Industrial & Mining water treatment

We are distributors for well respected international manufacturers such as Prominent Fluid Controls, Puretec and Pentair.

Below is a sample of the products we supply and install:

Prominent Dialog Controller

The new DULCOMETER® diaLog DACa replaces the D1Ca and D2Ca measuring and control...Read more

Puretec Water Softeners

The Puretec SOL-C Series Commercial Water Softeners softens water by removing hardness...Read more

Puretec Iron Removal Systems

Puretec IRS Series systems are designed to prevent the staining and rust build up in your water...Read more

Prominent DCC300 Swimming Pool Controller

The ProMinent® DCC300 pool package is the ideal system for monitoring and controlling water...Read more

Prominent Procal Dry Chlorine Feeder

The ProMinent ProCal series system generates a dilute Calcium Hypochlorite solution from...Read more

Prominent Beta Solenoid Metering Pumps

Output range 0.74 - 32 l/h, 16 - 2 bar. This metering pump is convincing not only in terms...Read more