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Commercial Pool Equipment

By partnering with some of the most reputable pool equipment suppliers in the world we are able to supply highly reliable commercial filtration and sanitisation systems to suit even the biggest pool.

We have been involved in many commercial pool projects over the years and have supplied, installed and maintained all types and sizes of equipment. 

Below is a sample of the products we supply, INSTALL & REPAIR:


The controller DULCOMETER® diaLog DACb is our compact all-rounder for water analysis. With...Read more

Pentair PWT Series Commercial Sand Filters

The Pentair Deep Bed Filters offer a more thorough filtration with a

...Read more

Pentair Triton II Sand Filters

Triton® II is the result of over 40 years of product evolution and

...Read more

Prominent DCC300 Swimming Pool Controller

The ProMinent® DCC300 pool package is the ideal system for monitoring and controlling water...Read more

Prominent Procal Dry Chlorine Feeder

The ProMinent ProCal series system generates a dilute Calcium Hypochlorite solution from...Read more

Prominent Beta Solenoid Metering Pumps

Output range 0.74 - 32 l/h, 16 - 2 bar. This metering pump is convincing not only in terms...Read more

Goulds ISO End Suction Pumps

Single stage end suction pump

Goulds Water Technology is renowned for...Read more

Southern Cross ISO Centrifugal Pumps

Southern Cross ISO standard centrifugal pumps are designed for efficient and reliable...Read more

AIS Commercial Salt Water Chlorinators

AutoChlor® is a well-recognised, global brand of inline chlorine

...Read more

Filter Media

All of our sand filters are perfectly suitable for use in conjunction with Sand, Zeolite or...Read more