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Enjoy owning your own swimming pool without the hassle of daily care with Pentair, Onga & Prominent pool and spa chlorinators from HD Pumps. From the smallest spa to the largest commercial pool we can provide a correctly matched unit to suit.

Prominent Procal Dry Chlorine Feeder

The ProMinent ProCal series system generates a dilute Calcium Hypochlorite solution from...Read more

Pentair Commercial Salt Water Chlorinators

Pentair Commercial and Semi-Commercial Switch Mode Power Supply

...Read more

Onga Eco Chlor RP Salt Water Chlorinators

Designed for the budget conscious pool owner, the RP & EC series by

...Read more

Pentair Eco Chlor SM Saltwater Chlorinators

The Eco Chlor SM is the brilliant switch mode salt water chlorinator by Pentair. ...Read more